About me

    I am a full-time Mom of two girls. I am passionate about Skiing Downhill or Nordic. My girls are also passionate about skiing. I am not sure how a manage it but I ski 60 plus days a year.



    In my opinion the next best thing to skiing, is whitewater rafting, I even managed to put a little time as a river guide on the Colorado.
    I grew up close to Mount Hood but after many rained out days of skiing I decided I wanted warmer summers and more snow. This landed me in Utah where I found the best snow on earth and warm summer days.

    “Someday I aspire to own a house in Maui where I will spend my summers playing Tennis and Surfing and then winter in Utah skiing the best snow on earth.” Up until two weeks ago my quote was I aspire to. We just purchased a small place in Paia Maui. I guess what they say is true if you put your dreams down on paper it can happen.

    The girls and I joined the Country Club and we are playing Tennis and enjoying the surf.

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