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      Kids Ski Gear Guide, I feel that after 12 years of working in the ski industry and 7 years as the Mother of a kid who loves to ski that I can speak with some authority regarding kids ski gear. Some kids ski gear works and some of it is just garbage. For us it is important that our kids ski gear functions as well as our gear. At times our kids are out the using their gear for longer hours each day than we do.

      Kids Ski Gear

      Kids Ski Gear

      With kids ski gear everything starts with the base layer. The important thing about your kids base layer is that it is not cotton. Cotton absorbs moisture and polyester wicks moisture away from your body. When it comes to kids ski gear it is important that the gear keeps them dry and if your base layer is cotton you will end up wet. Our family tends to purchase Patagonia Capilene Patagonia Capilene comes in different weights and is always 100% polyester.

      Next up socks again no cotton. Same rule applies that cotton absorbs moisture and wool or polyester wick moisture away from the body. Another good rule to follow with kids ski gear is don’t double up socks . One quality pair of non-cotton socks will do the trick. Often doubling up socks traps cold air in the boot or causes the boot to be a little to tight and decreases circulation. Causing your little ones feet to get cold. Skier or Snowboarder either way we like Burton Party Socks.

      Of course next mid-layer fleece that you wear between your jacket and base layer like the base layer you should avoid cotton. The fleece layer can be left behind on warmer days but should be used on colder days. I typically bring a backpack with me when skiing with the kids because being able to shed or increase layers is important. It is critical that your children are comfortable. Trust me they wont ski if things are not perfect. The fleece is the perfect way adjust the warmth of your layers.

      Neck gator, balaclava, scarf, face mask, handkerchief, call it whatever you want just as long as you have one. No kids ski gear is compete without a balaclava. A face mask can make or break your day. Not having one will leave you open to wind and snow entering your jacket. A Balaclava is small enough to slip in your pocket. So no reason not to carry a neck gator with you at all times. You won’t regret having a balaclava if you end up needing it.

      One of the last but most important part of kids ski gear. The kids ski jacket. The quality and functionality of kids ski jacket is what this purchase really come down to. Kids ski jacket need to be warm, water resistant, stain resistant, and look cool. When I buy my girls ski jacket I prefer a thinner jacket that I can layer under rather than a thick jacket. You can always remove and add layers as needed. If your kids ski jacket is to thick they will be to warm and unhappy.

      Kids ski gear collection would never be complete without kids ski pants. I prefer an insulated ski pant for my girls. Because they have skinny little legs that are cold most of the time.

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    1. I love kids! seeing kids skiing makes me happy. My little brother is skiing with me every winter. And I agree with this article, kids are more choosy with what they wear than us, so better find ski gear that is very comfortable or else you’ll spending your money for nothing.

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