• A Little Girl and The Dog She Loves

    Posted on August 20, 2012 by in Kids

      I must admit this dogs gives most people reason to love her. Starting with the fact that she is a Chocolate Lab. Maizey is the perfect example of loving Chocolate Lab, loving and kind and only looking for someone to throw her toy and pet her. And don’t forget she is a Rescue Dog after all. For some reason Baby M can’t get enough of Maizey it is like they are connected in a way none of us will ever understand.

      Rescue Dog

      Rescue Dog

      Maizey has not spent her years surrounded by toddlers who sit on her and have a never ending supply of food in their hands. But Maizey sure acts like this is normal everyday life. Never taking food from Baby M and always welcoming her 26 pound bum when she sits on her.

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