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      It is July so why am I thinking about ski resort safety. Because shortly we will all start planning our ski vacations and purchasing our season passes. As a mother of two daughters, ski resort safety at our local ski resort and at our vacation ski resort is the deciding factor for where we will spend our money.

      Last winter we purchased our Season Passes at Park City Mountain Resort and vacationed at Sun Valley. Both of these resorts will win our vote again this year.

      Sun Valley exceeded out expectations last year. In our four days of skiing at Sun Valley every Lift Attendant was standing outside watching us load. And you might not know it but it is not just about standing there watching. They put the bar down for our kids, watched all of us until we were well past the load tip. Their ramps were in impeccable condition (perfect height, no weird bumps to catch our skis on). And with all the above accomplished, the Lift Attendants also managed to look well-kept and greet us like locals. The Lift Department was truly doing its best to keep us safe.

      We had small children with us (6, 9 and 9) so well maintained rope lines was very important. Not only was every rope line in place, we could not even find a sagging line. I am not sure how Patrol managed to keep up their rope lines in such good shape. Ever tower pad was securely in place. This level of detail reassured me that Sun Valley‘s Ski Patrol is paying attention to ski resort safety.

      Most of us know that Sun Valley is known for their grooming. They lived up to this expectation. In the grooming world it not just about how many acres you groom it is about having smooth overlapping passes with the grooming machine and no large divots. Again day after day everything was well-groomed.

      Ski Resort Safety

      Ski Resort Safety

      Sun Valley has hundreds of lodging option. We stayed at the Dollar Cottage. The Dollar Cottage is a house that is operated by Sun Valley Resort. Over the years we have stayed in several different lodging options for ski vacations. The Dollar Cottage is a house with a well kept hotel feel. We also appreciated that even though we were renting a house we had access to the pool at the Sun Valley Lodge. The kids had a nice evening of bowling followed by swimming and then we were all able to retire back to a house instead of a hotel.

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      Ski Resort Safety

      Ski Resort Safety

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