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      Freestyle Ski Camp at Park City Mountain Resort is the perfect option for those kids who have progressed beyond the basic ski school or if you are intermitiate but just want to try something new. E is an amazing child she ripped up the slopes this week at Freestyle Ski Camp at Park City Mountain Resort. I know, I know I am her Mother I should think she is amazing. But I think most people who know her think she is amazing too. If you have been lucky enough to ski with her this season you know what I am talking about. Freestyle Ski Camp was on of the best weeks of her life. Being a mom am always thinking about how much she has grown up and remembering her first days skiing. Park City Mountain Thank you for helping us develop a little skier. I remember the first day E skiing like it was yesterday. But it was seven years ago. She wore a pink plaid snow suit, black ski boots with red buckles, and K2 skis. Her accessories a binky and diaper. Her reward for skiing one run, hot chocolate and fries. She was hooked after that to skiing, hot chocolate and fries. The last seven years of skiing has produced an amazing Skier that can out ski most adults and attended Freestyle Ski Camp at Park City Mountain Resort. She still wants to go in for hot chocolate and fries and yes sometimes still after just one run. I try to indulge her skiing is about having fun after all. Regardless of your age.



      I love her smile and I am very proud to say she smiles most of the time when we ski.

      Freestyle Ski Camp main fetures: What: 3 day camp focused on:

      All mountain skill improvement
      Park/pipe skill improvement
      Digital media takeaway (content captured by coaches and participant, creation facilitated mainly by PCMR)
      When: Check-back for 2012-2013.
      Pizza Party from 3:00pm-5:00pm in PayDay Pizza
      Each camp group shows their own video
      Schwag toss with products from I Ride Park City, Cobra Dogs and sponsors.
      Who: If you’re a snowboarder or skier of intermediate ability level between the ages of 9 and 15 years old – this is the place for you. Whether you come alone or with a friend, you’ll meet riders from across the country and around the globe. The supportive atmosphere at camp allows you to have a great time regardless of your skill level.

      Coaches: Intermediate Coaching – Advanced Coaching

      Experienced coaches for snowboarding and freeskiing. Our proven coaching strategies and our passionate staff helps you reach your goals on-hill and off.
      Whether you are intermediate, or advanced…(or anything in between), we’ll have just the right coach for you. Campers are divided to coaching groups according to their age and ability, and placed with the most suitable coach.
      A 5 campers to 1 coach ratio, and plenty of positive feedback from a dedicated, caring staff, empowering you to progress beyond all expectation.

      This week at Freestyle Ski Camp built the confidence she was lacking. I can’t believe we did not attend the camp earlier in the year. It is ski school for the cool kids (or at least they made our kids feel cool). Just last month we went on a ski vacation in Idaho and did not put our kids in ski school because they did not have program like Freestyle Ski Camp and because they think Ski School is boring. But not Freestyle Ski Camp, it is three days of learning to ride the half-pipe, jump, and slide rails. Park City is taking a refreshing new approach to ski school. Small group, enthusiastic coaches, pizza party, video editing. I was impressed when I asked E how she felt about jumping. I truely expected her to not like camp but instead “Mom it is totally fine before you do anything you have to inspect the jump and decide how much speed you need and where you want to land. And we had our own park so I was not afraid of the other kids hitting me.” The kids and Coaches captured cool shots, silly shots, and shots that reminded me why I don’t slide boxes. They took all their footage into a room with two 27 inch iMacs and the kids created an iMovie. Movie creations was exciting to E because often spends hours on our Mac creating iMovies of herself making faces. Being able to edit and add special effects to something besides her face was delightful.

      This is the iMovie the kids made.

      Freestyle Ski Camp

      Park City Mountain Resort Opens Today, http://www.skivacationwithkids.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/DSCN3625.jpg

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