• Lost Skis found with Name Bubbles

    Posted on January 26, 2012 by in Kids

      I guess part of being a kid is loosing things. This ski season my daughter has lost one pair of gloves, a backpack, ski jacket, and ski poles. Yes she needs to lean to keep track of things but until she learns that skill I am going to keep using Name Bubbles on everything she owns. I found these labels in Parenting Magazine. The bubbles stick to everything and stay stuck.

      I also use them for my baby who just started going to daycare three days a week. I would rather have these cute Name Bubbles stuck to their stuff than writing on everything with black sharpie. The labels are dishwasher and washing machine safe. No iron just press and stick. I also like that you can pick your own design and colors. With so many different styles I have a hard time choosing. We used these for several months now and they have not faded or changed. The adhesive work well in cold or hot weather.

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