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    Posted on January 3, 2012 by in Ski Resorts

      Throughout North America you will find hard working rescue dogs, working at some of the best resorts. Typically Golden Retrievers or Labradors. These amazing dogs wag their tails and play fetch, but their best day involves finding people. They love the snow and working.

      Maizey One of Brightons Level A Rescue Dogs

      Maizey One of Brightons Level A Rescue Dogs

      Alpine Meadows has ten working dogs.
      The Canyons dog program has six working dogs and one retire resort dog.
      Sundance Ski Resort has four working dogs
      Solitude has three working dogs.
      Snowbasin has three working dogs.
      Park City Mountain Resort has five working dogs.
      Deer Valley has three working dogs.
      Brighton has five working dogs.

      WBR Rescue Dogs are selected from dog teams at the local ski resorts. Members must test with their dogs every two years. This allows them to respond outside the ski area boundaries into the backcountry for their county sheriff’s office.

      WBR dog teams are tested in obedience each season and a search test every other season. Dog teams are tested at a different Ski Resort from their own and evaluated by WBR evaluators, who grade the handler and dog on many different disciplines.

      More information regarding these amazing dogs, training programs, thier handlers, and the resorts can be found at http://www.wbrescue.org/

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